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Question of the week ...

Question: For August 10 through September 17: Why are some of the Bible's prophets call "The Minor Prophets"? 

Answer: Because the books are brief, not because the prophets are any less important than the others. 


Previous questions:

Question: For May 23 through June 3: Here are three Hebrew names for God: What do they mean in English? El Gibbor, El Elyon, Jehovah Rapha 
Answer: El Gibbor is Mighty God El Elyon is Most High God Jehovah Rapha is LORD our healer 

Question: For June 3 through 17: Who was known as "The Weeping Prophet" because of his agony over the sins of his people? 
Answer: Jeremiah: Jeremiah 9:1 

Question: For June 21 through July 2: What future king claimed that he had grabbed lions by the throat and beat them to death? 
Answer: David (1 Samuel 17:35) 

Question: July 1 through 15: What is our Savior's first parable usually called? 
Answer: The Sower and the Soils (Luke 8:4-15) 

Question: For July 16 through August 12: In the New International Version of the Bible, the words "atoning sacrifice" are used to interpret a word that appears 4 times in the King James Version. What is the word? 
Answer: Propitiation